Transit, 2004

The video Transit by Taysir Batniji tackles the issues of borders. The Palestinian artist presents a silent slideshow, made up of photographic images, that he made clandestinely at border passages between Egypt and Gaza. The photographs of people waiting are alternated with black screens, metaphors for emptiness and the passing of time, reflecting the difficult and often impossible conditions of mobility for today's Palestinians. The video addresses notions of travel and displacement as well as the situation of being between two cultures and identities.


Untitled (Senegal, 2003-2004)

Me 2, 2003

A jerky self-portrait dancing to a Gloria Gaynor song ("I Will Survive") heard during a street carnival. I spin around myself in my appartment.

This video, made at the beginning of the Irak war in 2003 is a superimposition of two simultaneous shots. I turn while looking at myself turning. I’ve chosen this impromptu movement as a personnal reaction against the war and its violent, even immoral, representation by the media.

duration 02’04’’

Departure, 2002

duration 03’20’’

Untitled, 2002

Le reflet d'une ombre disparaissant, un corps s'effondrant dans le sable, éternellement balayée par les vagues... Une métaphore de la disparition.

duration 01’56’’

Gaza Diary, 2001

A mincer cuts meat. Between the visual fracture of the video monitors and the chopped itinerary of the viewer, one of the symbolic images of the exhibition could be Taysir Batniji’s meat mincer. Made in Palestine in 2001, this video questions the qualities and the properties of the videographic medium as much as the politic weight of another fracture, the one that separates neighbouring people. Freeze-frames multiply while preserving the continuity of the sound source ; the only animated images are those that serve as systematic cut shots. They even suggest the "cut editing" or the shutter closing : a mincer cuts meat.

Frédérique Boitel, April 2002 / On the occasion of the exhibition "C'est pas du cinéma !", curated by Michel Nuridsany at Le Fresnoy Art Center, Tourcoing, France

duration 4’52’’