Untitled (Gaza, 1999-2006)/My place

My place

This series reflects the melancholy of the hot and wet afternoons in Gaza during which I found shelter at my place for a breath of fresh air. Weary, lethargic because of the heat, I read to relieve boredom, took a nap or most often took pictures of the walls, the forms created by the shadow of surrounding objects and the light on the floor of my room or the corners of our house. I recorded what I saw from my window (to such an extend that I realized one day that I had two almost identical images taken at more than three years interval) or the members of my family, moments of reunion, celebration or simple family gatherings. I often photographed my nephews who tiptoed to my room to see me, one after the other, for fear of disturbing me or out of shyness. I also made pictures of the workshop I built in a part of a house in 2001 and in which I worked only for a few hours. The works were hardly over but I left Gaza for an eight month residence in Germany, in Stuttgart. Later, I returned to France where I have been living for five years. Since then, I come back home every year (when it is possible), open my workshop, clean the dust that has banked up during my absence, and close it again because it's already time to go...

Taysir Batniji